Top 5 E-commerce, Retail & Mobile News From The Week


The week taught us the advancements made in the e-commerce ecosystem with the implementation of IoT and O2O business model. Besides, there were developments from the luxury retail and travel segment space among others.

  • Learn The Implementation Of IoT In E-commerce

IoT and e-commerce have until now evolved in parallel.By embedding IoT (Internet of Things)with e-commerce discovery and distribution surface on physical objects, and more connected touch points across the customer journey, companies are now able to cross the last mile from awareness to purchase intent to purchase and retention. Read to know how it can benefit your e-commerce business.

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  • Travel firms Seek Hybrid Model To Boost Revenue

While Indian users are willing to book travel tickets online, booking hotels and stays are still more of an offline habit. The news focuses on the current trends in the travel industry with firms opting for hybrid model of business.Hybrid models bring its own challenges, but the speed and scope for growth is unparalleled globally. Read it to know more about the working model of travel firms in the wake of growing Indian travellers.

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  • Leveraging O2O Commerce In Your B2B E-commerce

In today’s business landscape, you need to step up your B2B e-commerce game to connect with your desired audience. This is where O2O (online-to-offline) model is emerging and playing a crucial role in winning customers’ trust.O2O is a business model where companies attract potential buyers to their physical stores through online marketing strategies. We shed light on how B2B firms could apply O2O model in their businesses along with its reasons to do it.

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  • India’s Luxury Retail Market Growing Steadily Amidst Challenges

India’s luxury retail market is growing at a phenomenal pace where in between 2015 and 2016, it grew at a growth rate of 25 per cent year-on-year, according to a research. Having said that, there remain challenges to overcome in the space, such as high duties, high shop rentals and an understanding of consumer spending habits.The article emphasize about the current scenario of India’s luxury retail market.

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  • BRICS Nations Call For Ease Of E-commerce Facilitation

The news speaks about the expanding Intra-BRICS nations’cooperationencompassing new areas. There is a need for a well-defined legal framework to govern the e-commerce market. This will enable e-commerce players to gain a deeper understanding of the legal regime and enhance the overall e-commerce ecosystem. Read to know what is happening in the space of e-commerce between these emerging economies.

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