Summary of “Retail Week Series”


Retailing in India accounts for over 10% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around 8% of the employment. Knowing the importance of Retail in India’s business ecosystem, we dedicated this entire week on the study of ‘Retail’, bringing topics based on real pain points and solutions to expand businesses. It would be of immense help to all retailers, eCommerce firms, technology players and budding entrepreneurs in ingraining fundamentals and modern strategies of running a successful Retail business.

  • Learn Essentials of Multi-channel Strategy in Retail

This is the 1st part of our Retail Week Series where we bring you the importance of Multi-channel strategy required for running a successful retail business. Important Retail Channels such as Social Media, Marketplaces and Comparison Search Engine have been discussed widely. Besides, key factors leading to successful multichannel retailing are highlighted here.

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  • Learn the Role of Big Data in Retail Industry

In an effort to compete with eCommerce firms, retailers are increasingly turning to big data and in-store analytics to better understand what’s going on in their stores. In our 2nd part of “Retail Week Series”, we talk about the importance of Big Data Analytics in a Retail business.  Given the disruptive impact that data analytics can have on both offline and online retail businesses, we put light on key Big Data trends that are actively revolutionizing the way the retail industry operates.

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  • Enhance Customer Experience with Technology in Retail

In our 3rd part of the “Retail Week Series”, we bring you a critical aspect of Retail where we lay emphasis on Technology and how it must serve every customer’s purpose. The use of Analytics in extracting real insight from data has been given importance here. One important facet of Retail which lies in meeting Customer expectation is profoundly discussed keeping in view the next generation of Customer Service requirement.

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  • Here Is Why Retailers Are Going Online For Sales

Here is our 4th part of the “Retail Week Series” where we show you the reasons behind increasing transition of retailers to online channels for sale. The article attunes the reader with the factors pushing online growth in Retail and eCommerce. With online platforms becoming an extremely important part of how customers shop, offline retailers are fast realizing they need to reach out to the digital-savvy customers. Retailers are vying with the idea to make discover offline stores in to wider online audience.

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  • India’s Retail Pain Points and Its Solutions Revealed

This one is our 5th and final part of the “Retail Week Series”. Here, we strive to shed light on the Major Pain Points faced by Retailers and dealing them effectively will be our Proven Solutions.  From knowing customers better to merging offline and online touch-points, the article carefully depicts the major challenges faced by today’s retailers. Countering them are our best proven solutions. Market presents both great opportunities as well as some unique challenges for Retailers. Technology inclusion and smart selling can make them sustain and expand their business.
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