DevOps Application In India’s Retail Space


For an eCommerce firm to thrive in the digital environment, it has to improve its software competency. In this competitive scenario where the technology is changing rapidly, DevOps is being adopted by the retailers to adapt to such innovation and realize the actual benefits out of it.

DevOps is breaking ground towards swifter and agile methods of technology delivery. Dynamics of Retail Mobile technology and social media have empowered the customers and their impact on business is more than ever. As a result, the difference between the digital and physical world is slowly becoming meaningless to the retailers. This has not only intensified the competition among the retailers but has pushed them to participate in the technological innovation.

DevOps for Retail

  • DevOps in Retail E-retail is a digital business which in turn is essentially software.
  • DevOps message looks compelling as it allows the development and operations team to work closely and address each other’s bottlenecks.
  • It minimizes conflicts and aligns everyone in the software delivery lifecycle.
  • It helps retail businesses to respond more rapidly to customer feedback, innovate and iterate while balancing speed, cost, quality and risk.

Disruptive Technology for Retailers

Retailers that run the brick and mortar business are largely out of sync with their internet-facing business units in terms of the level of software delivery maturity. This impacts how the adoption of Dev-Ops would spread across the organization, with the web/mobile based systems taking full advantage of the new approach, whereas, the handheld and kiosk based systems still largely being dependent on the vendors to support features like live updates and highly available architectures to benefit from automation. While vendors for embedded systems are playing catch for retailers to benefit from it, the bigger challenge they have is to overhaul their systems while maintaining the levels of business availability that the market demands of them.

Organizations that were already into agile methodologies found this transition a lot smoother. DevOps is not just a technology innovation; it is being seen as a cultural shift that demands a collaborative change by bringing together the development and deployment, making the flow as continuous as possible.

The rapid rate of change has significantly altered customer’s experiences and expectations. They can now easily compare prices online, check whether products are in stock at physical stores and access reviews from other customers who have used the service. In the midst of this confused marketplace, retailers have been forced to re-evaluate their business strategies and understand how new technologies will affect their products & services, customer & supplier networks and their employees.


DevOps works in the retail sector to assist ecommerce companies to digitally transform itself by adopting DevOps principles, practices and methodologies across software development and operational teams. This approach allows retailers to rapidly deliver new services to customers and gain competitive advantage in their relative markets.